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Kenna Gillian Mortimer


Real Life Kenna

Kenna Mortimer O'Neill
Oxford resident

Kenna Mortimer O'Neill

Coat of arms

Personal motto: Keep your OOC crap OUT OF THE GAME

Full title

Lady Kenna Gillian Mortimer O'Neill Baroness of Melksham

Baroness of Malmesbury

Place of Residence The County of Mercia, Lichfield
Affiliations Signature Creations, Friend of the DePhoenix family, Williams Family, Carlyon Family, Irvine Family, de Grey Family, Mortal enemy of anything Wolfmist.
In-game name Kennagillian
Account created Born on 01 May, 2007 in Wiltshire, Winchester

Kennagillian is a resident of Oxford, Wiltshire.

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