Katelynn, Duchess of Devon, is the reigning countness of the County of Devon in the Kingdom of England, holding seat over the Devon County Council and orchestrating countywide administration.


Katelynn is widely considered to be a more independent-minded and neutral politician, often running on the No Political Agenda, or NPA, ticket during county elections. She is known to be bipartisan and cooperate with their major competitor the National English Party and the other party the DevonInitiative Devon]].

Curent StatusEdit

Katelynn was just elected to another term as Duchess of Devon and will administer the county under King Hezlog's royal administration of which the Devon County Council holds stakes in the House of Parliament.

The major issues she will be facing now are to help King Hezlog in mobilizing the over-all National English Army through units like her county's Devon Guard and Devon Navy to counter the NNGO, Celtic Alliance, and Fury forces at hand across the channel in Ireland. Another issue of importance on the homefront is the sightings of Wolves of Sherwood sometimes travelling the roads, although they are at large farther to the north where the Royal Knights Army holds the Northern Border to the Kingdom of Scotland in Westmorland

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