Julien "Iceygrave" Delval, Priest Of Midnight.

Sir Julien Delval, also known as Icey Grave, is the former Rookie Master of the Wolves of Sherwood currently resident in Beeston, Chester. He is the also the former Judge of current Chester Council but left when he grew disillusioned with the amount of foot dragging and paper-fowling that the governers decided was necessary. Tall, scarred, with long white hair his three main hobbies are religion, falling off his horse Anthem, and women. He tries to indulge all of them as much as possible - although not always at the same time.

Once Rookie Master of the Wolves of Sherwood, but now not affiliated to anyone but himself. Three times dead (buried alive, burned alive, drowned alive).

A lover of women - Prut, Ktulah, Lady Cecily Wolf, Lady Desideratist, and Lady Mackenzie Gael Fraser - and a maker of mistakes. Has been cut too many times with the same blade.

Once on the council of Beeston as Justice Minister, he imposed a penalty of spanking for any number of vague offenses. This proved somewhat popular with the women of the province, and doubled the amount of crimes committed overnight.

Appearance: A tall man with broad shoulders, his body is covered with old sword fighting scars. His hair is either white or brown, depending if he has dyed it or not. Dresses in black, and tends to carry a sword and several daggers.

Current whereabouts: A ship somewhere in the English channel.

And someone seems to want him assassinated...

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