Judicial Cooperation Accord Between the Counties of Sussex and Wiltshire March 8, 1456 (Confirmed as still recognized by Chancellor Lexi) Whereas Sussex and Wiltshire recognize the need for intercounty cooperation and Whereas Sussex and Wiltshire seek to better the stability, security, and prosperity of their respective territories and Whereas Sussex and Wiltshire desire to deepen and preserve the long friendship between their peoples, We, the undersigned, on behalf of our counties, do enter into a relationship of judicial cooperation by the following terms: 1. If someone has been accused of a crime in one county allied by this accord (the Requesting County) but is currently in the legal jurisdiction of the other (the Responding County), then the Responding County will conduct a criminal trial on behalf of the Requesting County in accordance with the following procedure: a) The Public Prosecutor of the Requesting County will write a Bill of Indictment and present it to the Public Prosecutor of the Responding County, who will then start the trial. b) The trial will be conducted in accordance with the laws of the Requesting County. The verdict and sentence will be written by the Judge of the Responding Country in accordance with the laws of the Requesting County. Failure to abide by the laws of the Requesting County is sufficient grounds for appeal. 2. This accord is binding on both counties until canceled. 3. This accord may be canceled by decree of the Count of either County. Said decree must be posted in the public inns and embassies of both Counties. 4. Trials that began prior to cancellation will proceed as if the accord were still in effect. 5. A full or partial rewriting of the accord may be enacted by mutual consent of both allied Counties. Signed this day, 8th March, 1456, by His Grace, Shawn, the Count of Sussex, on behalf of the Sussex Council.

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