In their wisdom, the Lords Amro, Earl of __________, Orléannais and Earl of Sussex, wish to express their friendship through the establishment of a treaty on judicial cooperation linking the people of Sussex and Orléannais to preserve this friendship for long.

Article I
1. In agreeing to sign the treaty on judicial cooperation, the Parties agree that nobody should escape legal proceedings or the authority of the Earl / Duke on his land.
2. A citizen accused on one or the other county must submit to the laws and customs of the country where the offense was committed.

Article II
1. If an accused escapes from an Allied territory by the treaty has to flee justice, he will be Extradited gold tried in accordance with the judicial authorities of the country where he has been arrested.
The verdict "in agreement" implies full cooperation between judges and procureus the 2 counties so that the defendant receives the trial would have received Had he not fled.
A defensive skills will also be provided by the county where he has been stopped.

2. The procedure is as follows:
- Burden on request of the county having jurisdiction over the crime committed. This Will Provide the attorney of the Duchy holding the Indictment and the evidence against the accused (they must be provided beforehand).
- The entire procedure will be under the primary jurisdiction of the county asking. The local judge will write the sentence in his soul and conscience, but Will Provide reasons for its decision to the County asking.
- A complete cooperation is required between the relevant authorities to Ensure mutual respect laws of the 2 counties.

Article III
1. The members of each board and their successors are contractually Obliged to respect the treaty.
Failure to comply with a clause of this treaty frees the other party of any obligation until a year or compensation agreement could be found.
2. A unilateral cancellation of this treaty in this time of peace must meet the following procedure, otherwise it will be considered a hostile act and may cause a response from the offended party.
3. To cancel: A missive from Earl will be sent to the other count. A formal and official declaration will be published in the diner and the respective embassies.
4. The cancellation will not stop the proceedings pending in any county and decision will be made.
5. Any unilateral cancellation in time of war is treason Considered and will lead to reprisals.
6. Changes all or part of this present Treaty may be decided by mutual consent.

Signed at the Embassy of Orléannais On 05/28/1454

On behalf of the County Orléannais: Amro, Duke, Lancelot, Chamberlain On behalf of the County of Sussex

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