The Judge, is a person in the the county council, who makes the decision if a person on a pending lawsuit is guilty or innocent. There is only one judge in a county and like the other people in the council, his authority is given by the count.

Lawsuits Edit

A lawsuit can only be started by a Public Prosecutor or a Mayor (rarely, because they
Pending Lawsuit

A pending lawsuit

need law points). When starting the lawsuit, the prosecutor must write a "Bill of indictment" in which he state the charges and present the evidence. He can also call a witness to testify.

After this the defendant gives his "First defence pleading" in which he can ask for a person to defend him. The judge or the prosecutor call this person as a witness. If the defendant doesn't show in court for two weeks, he can no longer give his "First defence pleading". Then the prosecutor present the "Prosecutor indictment", in which he can dispute the previous defence pleading, and after that the defendant gives his "Last defence pleading". Witnesses can also be called in these two processes.

When every witness give his statement, the judge states if he finds the defendant guilty or innocent and if guilty- what will his punishment be. Punishments can include any of the following: discharge, fines, jail time, out-of-court agreements, or even death.

Screenshots Edit


A judge's verdict.

Lawsuit old version

A lawsuit in the old version

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