Day 2 standings


Day 1 standings

The following Joust took place in Carlisle, during the seige. While NNGO and FURY BOHICA were inside the city, the English and Irish armies (and soldiers from other countries) were outside the walls. During the long lull of the siege, a joust was called. Sixteen men and women stepped forward to entertain the masses.

Current Standings, as of 9 August 1458, are as follows:

Joust in progress

Previous standings, as of 3 August 1458:

1st Place, With 2 wins each: BenFeniks and Nivera

2nd Place, With 1 win and 1 tie: Blainewolfe, Merlyna, Donte, and Plotnik

3rd Place, With 1 win and 1 loss: Caitilin, Todryangle, Inka2, Nahren, and Dizmalus

4th Place, With 1 Tie and 1 loss: Jewbeard, and Rush_

5th Place, With 2 losses each: Draco6Slayer, Kelster, and Baldar

Previous Standings as of Day 1:

1st Place, with 1 win[7-way]: Plotnik, Todryangle, Donte, Dizmalus, BenFeniks, Nivera, Nahren

2nd Place, with 1 tie [2-way]: Blainewolfe and Merlyna

3rd Place, with 1 loss[7-way]: Caitilin, Rush_, Draco6Slayer, Kelster, Inka2, Jewbeard, Baldar

The Sixteen Participants, and their causes:

  1. Prince of England, Jewbeard, riding for Avalon
  2. Earl of Chilham, Plotnik von Liechenstein, riding for his betrothed, Anyamariee Hollington
  3. Viscountess of Sudbury, Caitilin Stryke de Lusignan
  4. Baron Baldar de Lusignon, the Reigning Joust Champion of England
  5. Baroness of Bromyard, Merlyna Eilan Aegeus "The Witch of Worcester"
  6. Baroness of Lanercost, Blainewolfe Hanley Balintyne
  7. Rush_, riding for Notingham, on behalf of Princess of England, Gabrielle_ de Grey
  8. Kelster Wallace
  9. Inka2, riding for Chester
  10. Nivera Fang
  11. Nahren von Liechtenstein, Riding for Canterbury
  12. Draco6Slayer
  13. Dizmalus Oppenheimer riding for Inis
  14. Todryangle Whitesnow, Granson of Dry WhiteSnow and Angeljoy of Stirling, Glasgow
  15. Donte Whitesnow
  16. Ben Feniks de Lyon,
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