Renaissance Kingdoms

Jobs are the primary means of earning the money needed to eat, buy items from the market, beer in the tavern, give to the church, etc.

There are four main areas in which to obtain a job:

  • The County (Duchy) Mines - good pay and consistently available. Great resource for players of any level. Wages vary based on the shift length are set by the county. Players working a 22 hour shift can earn 15-17 pounds, but if a player is able to sign up for a series of 1 hour shifts, one after another throughout the day, they can earn upwards of 35-40 pounds a day (and with advertisements pop-ups awarding 1 pound each time an action is taken, this can increase the profitability of serial mining up to an additional 10-18 pounds a day.)
  • Town Hall/ Militia - some mayors will hire a daily militia to keep the peace. Wages range greatly from 8-17 pounds.
  • Town Hall/ Job announcements - here is where local citizens post jobs they need performed. Wages range from 17-25 pounds and are set by the player hiring.
  • Church - The only job that is allowed to pay below minimum wage. Wages are 5 pounds and 1 Reputation Point (RP). Since this job pays below the daily price for even the lowest meal it is not advised for regular employment of level 0 players (though it is required twice in order to level up).

Another method of income is to harvest Resources. Forest produces wood, Sea produces fish, and the Orchard produces fruit. These do not reward the citizen with an immediate wage and as such they are not a job. However, if done effectively, these activities can bring an higher average daily profit for the player over traditional jobs.