—  Canterbury resident  —
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Carpe Diem
Full title Mr Jerricho Mandarin
Place of Residence (unknown), Canterbury, Sussex
Affiliations none
In-game name Jerricho
Account created 3rd August 1456
Forum name Jerricho

Jerricho is currently a Level 2 resident of Canterbury. He owns two fields, one with cows and one of corn. He is currently the bartender at the Chauntecleer's Perche, which is certainly filled with much laughter and fun by all! Oh and lots and lots of ale!

Since taking on Level 2 Jerricho has taken up the profession of Butcher.

On the 28th March 1457, Jerricho became mayor of his home town, Canterbury.

The ManEdit

Jerricho Mandarin is a peaceful man, who wants to live out his life to the full, making sure he shares the joy with his friends. He is the owner of two fields for which he employs other residents of Canterbury to work on. He currently is rearing cows and growing corn.

The TradeEdit

He has now settled on a profession of his choice. Jerricho is now a butcher and enjoys it very much, creating meat and milk for himself and the rest of Canterbury.

He is the bartender at Canterbury’s local Tavern ‘Chauntercleers Perche’ which he enjoys very much, as he gets to meet wonderful people and so far has made many friends. Plus it keeps him close to the things he enjoys, like plentiful supplies of ale! And the odd cup of tea, but not often mind!

The FamilyEdit

Jerricho is from the Mandarin family, and until recently thought he was very much on his own.

While in Canterbury he has been reunited with his two older sisters, who are twins, Misshoney; who has since been married to a former Mayor of Canterbury Mr_Beef, and Cynth. He tries to get along but you know what brothers and sisters are like for arguments and general bickering!

The ServiceEdit

On the 5th February 1457, Jerricho entered into the service of the Sussex Army, recruited by his good friend and Commander of Canterbury, Staleno. So far Jerricho has had the good fortune to not have faced armed combat. He however will not faulter when or if the time ever arises.

The FutureEdit

Jerricho currently plans to go travelling around Sussex, and then venture north into England. He is also planing a possible trip as far north as the borders with Scotland, and who knows maybe into the Country itself. Who knows what types of ale he may encounter!!

Important DatesEdit

• 3rd August 1456 - Moved to the town of Canterbury in Sussex.

• 16th September 1456 - Sussex declares itself independant from England.

• 21st November 1456 - Became a butcher and finished construction of my butchers workshop. (Leveled up to 2)

• 19th November 1456 - Helped with a successfull revolt in Canterbury to replace the deceased Mayor.

• 5th February 1457 - Joins the Sussex Army.

• 8th February 1457 - Baptised into the Aristotlean Faith by Teagan Archbishop of Canterbury.

• 15th March 1457 - Registers his candidacy for Mayor of Canterbury.

• 28th Match 1457 - Elected Mayor of Canterbury.

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