Jay Stewart is currently a citizen of Lichfield, Mercia.


Jay was raised by a single mother for much of his childhood, his father was off fighting in some unnamed war in some unnamed place. He grew up resenting, even hating his father because of this. His mother slowly succumbed to loneliness and eventually insanity. Feeling the walls of his home closing around him, Jay fled his home, living amongst the poor; a vagrant, living his life on the streets.

After a time a troupe of monks found him and allowed him to travel with them, provided he would learn to dance, drink and bring up the spirits of those around him. This life suited him, as he was not a monk, was allowed free access to the liquor and women they found in his travels, he found he had naught reason to complain. One morning, the leader of this troupe told him that he would have to resign to their way of life if he intended on traveling with them any further. Taking this as intuition that his time with the troupe had come to an end, Jay planned to leave at the next town and disappear.

What happened next, he did no expect. He found in Shrewsbury a town he could love, a place he could call home, he even found a special person with whom he would rather be with than wandering the world a vagrant. He lived life to the fullest in that town, in that life. He even took part in the Town Council in charge of the town watch. It was not long after that his lady fell on a trip abroad and died. This shook Jay, he left to be closer to his mother's side of the family in Ludlow. The Stewarts, as they were known as, took him in prior to all of this, so he felt he had a place he could belong. He lived a life of luxury and pleasure in Ludlow, spending his time wisely in the Castle's planning room.

Jay went into retreat for a time and missed the schism in Ludlow which turned him into a refugee. He found himself in Mercia, and something became alive in him. He felt it was finally the fresh start he was looking for. A place he could not only call home, but be proud of. It is now his goal to serve the town to the best of his abilities, and learn to not just be alive, but to live.


Jay is a member of the Stewart family.

Political Career:Edit

Jay served in Shrewsbury's Town Council as Town Watch

Jay served one term as a Mines superintendent

Jay has served four terms as Lichfield's mayor and is currently so.

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