Jaidion, was started playing February 04, 2009 (the year 1457 in RK time). She resides in Lanark, Glasgow county, Kingdom of Scotland. She is a member of the Rose Clan, who pride themselves in helping their fellow Scots.

  • Level 2
  • Field: Corn
  • Profession: Butcher
  • Current Titles: Lanark Town Council (Minister of Social Affairs), RSA Soldier, Lanarkian Times Reporter
  • Current Projects: 1458 Calendar of Scotland's Finest Men

Background StoryEdit

The earliest memories from my childhood are not good ones. I remember my father yelling at my mother night after night, her soft cries begging him to be quiet and not wake the children. I would grab my little sister and hold her ears as we hid under the quilt. I could still hear as my mother's soft cries would turn to screams...

I had once had an older sister, my dear, sweet Calli. We had different fathers. Hers had died before she was born, leaving her and my mother alone. My father always had eyes for my mother, and took her when she was desperately alone and with child. But, he always despised the daughter that was not his. One night Calli disappeared, and I know not what happened to her. My mother would tell me not to worry, and not to ask. She looked so sad.

I learned quickly how to survive on my own. Not because anyone cared to teach me, but because I knew that the day would come I would have to leave or succumb to the same fate as my mother or my dear sister.

At 13 that night came, I left, pulling my little sister along. We traveled until the light started to rise in the skies. It was a new day.

We lived in caves and off the lands, until finally we found a kinder place. We met an old man name Gerum, who's eyesight and wife and been stolen by a stranger in the night. His sons set out after the man nearly a year before, and he had not heard from them since.

Gerum was in poor shape, not able to tend to himself or his land. He had a nice home, and my sister and I began to tend to it and his fields. Several years passed and my sister and I felt safe, and happy. As the farm began to prosper once again, his sons finally returned home, vengeance found.

The youngest of the sons fell in love with my sister, and a courtship began. I knew she was in good hands, and set out to find my own place in the world, and seek my older sister. I soon came upon this place of Lanark. I met kind people who placed their trust in me, so I decided to stay for a while. Perhaps this land will bring me good fate.

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