The Irish National Rangers are an organization that seeks to promote safety, unity, trade, and equality in the RK nation of Ireland. Originally called simply the "Irish Rangers," they were established June 6, 1457, at the Wayfarer's Rest tavern in Cill Chainnigh, Laighean, Ireland. Original members Nuada Silverhand, Revenwyn, Axelrod, and Saamnn set the Rangers' goal as finding a way to counter the constant civil warfare and assaults by criminal organizations that was plaguing Ireland.

Mission and Goals Edit

The Irish National Rangers (INR) is a group dedicated to promoting peace and trust in all Ireland by providing safe escort for travelers and trade among the counties. The Rangers protect those who cannot defend themselves so they can travel freely with no fear of bandits. They also do trade missions for towns across county lines for fair prices and a reasonable modest profit for our members to support themselves.

Membership Edit

The INR has members from every county in Ireland and actively promotes co-operation and unity among the counties while opposing the activities of criminals and criminal organizations. Applicants are expected to be of a good reputation and to have recommendations from others in order to join. Interested people should contact Nuada Silverhand or another INR member.

The Rangers are a democratic and representational organization without a "strongman" type of leader. They have elected leaders called "Chieftains" from each county who work together to guide the organization. Major decisions are made in accordance with a vote of the full membership.


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