Official Family
Coat of Arms
Motto Be Traist
Elder Flaithbheartach

The Innes family is a Scottish family residing mostly in Galloway County. The family is active in the affairs of the kingdom, with members heavily involved in the Lyon Court, Galwegian politics and the church; it was made official by the Lyon Court on the 31st of May 1458.

The Contemporary CreationEdit

The current Innes family came into fruition when Flaithbheartach de Innes, OHSR, ODE, was reunited with his stepson Jethro Campbell, who on the 13th of July 1458 married Ceana De'Holland, bringing her into both the Clan Campbell and the Innes family. A series of random letters between them, sparked by hearsay, uncovered that Wardorf Hooper and Flaith were second cousins, reconnecting Wardorf with the Inneses.


  • Flaithbheartach Innes
    • Jethro Campbell is his son
    • Ceana Campbell is his daughter-in-law
    • Wardorf Hooper is his first cousin once removed
  • Jethro Campbell
    • Ceana Campbell is his wife
    • Flaithbheartach Innes is his father
    • Wardorf Hooper is his second cousin
  • Ceana Aileen Campbell
    • Jethro Campbell is her husband
    • Flaithbheartach Innes is her father-in-law
    • Wardorf Hooper is her second cousin-in-law
  • Wardorf Hooper
    • Flaithbhearach Innes is his first cousin once removed
    • Jethro Campbell is his second cousin
    • Ceana Campbell is his second cousin-in-law

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