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Coat of arms
Motto: We Stand Ready
Country Ireland
County An Mumhain
Resource Forest
Province Province of Cashel
Diocese Diocese of Cork
Colonised 24 April 1456
 - Mayor Zanditin
 - Mentor Elish
Population (28th May 1458)
 - Town 119

A map of Imleach and surrounding towns

Imleach (in English, Emly) is of the three new towns in An Mumhain, Ireland. Imleach is a forest town.

After its past occupation by the NNGO rebel Mick_, the town has become widely associated with criminal activity and is the home to some of Ireland's most notorious criminals. Imleach is also home for several members of Dagda's Wolves.

After the Laighean War, Imleach was targetted by the terrorist group ERA for revenge on behalf of the defeated forces. To counter the constant threat of revolt and insurgency, the town developed a highly intricate and successful security system to protect the town.

Imleach is the location of Kennedy Castle, home of the Kennedy Clan.

Bigjack, Debrah, and Lordmacgowan have been Imleach mayors in the past. The current mayor is Ladydman.

Imleach Council Edit

The current members of the Imleach Town Council are...

Mentor- Elish

Council Member 1 Derfelcadern

Council Member 2 Catrionadelacroix

Council Member 3 Ladydman