Ian de Brus
—  Whithorn Scotland  —
Ian de Brus
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Personal motto: Memento mori
Full title Ian de Brus, Chief of Clan Bruce, Earl of Carrick and Lord of Annandale
Place of Residence Clackmannan Tower, Whithorn, Galloway
Affiliations None
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Account created First Creation 2008
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Ian James Malcom de Brus (1438-Present) was the Chief of Clan Bruce which he would betray. He is the son of James de Brus of Scotland and Mary Campbell. He has two sibilings Kiara de Brus and Chief Evan T. Campbell of Clan Campbell .

Avi arefin final

Ian as Arefin during his octavian training in Italy


Upon the death of his parents Ian was sent to italy for safety, where he grew up as Arefin Octavius adoptive son of Lucius Octavius and Paloma Giovani. 

Arrival in EnglandEdit

After death of his adoptive parents, Ian travelled to England. He was deported to Derbyshire, Stanfford in 1458, where he was enlisted as a recruit in Stanfford Guards. The following year , he met Charlesmartel Campbell and travelled to north.


Ian studied rhetoric, and politics in various insistitutions in Italy and France.

Upon his arrival in Scotland he was intiated to the scottish codes of cavalry by Sir Charlesmartel Campbell


Ian is follower of URAC, he has received his church education from Father Fouad of Dumfries. He was also briefly appointed as the deacon of Dumfries.


22th May 1461 he become a masters-at-arms of dueling.

Military CampaignsEdit

Ian has participate in various military campaign during his adolescences and young adulthood. which include

Scottish Civil War -1458

Carlisle Campaign -1460

Battle of Celtic Occean - 1461

Political CareerEdit

Ian occupied various Political postions, which include


Mayor of Whithorn

Councillor of Galloway 

Captain of Galloway x2 

General of The Armies of Galloway  


Mayor of Egremont

Mayor of Manchester

Public Proscecutor of Westmorland

Constable of Westmorland

Councilor of Westmorland

Conflict with Clan DouglasEdit

In 1462 a misunderstand led to a Conflict with Sullihan Forbes. Ian was mistaken as the successor of Archibald Douglas, 5th which led a major conflict inside Clan Douglas. But that conflict end up with reveltion of his true identity as Bruce.

Restablisement of Clan BruceEdit

With help of his siblings Evan and Kiara and his cousin Federic, Ian restablised Clan Bruce which is recognised by Lyon court in 1462

The BetraryerEdit

In June 1463 he betrayed severeal of his family members when he joined his cousin Federic who was headed up north. They got attacked by FURY who had recently returned to Scotland. Ian tried to get Glasgow to pay for a group that wasn't related with FURY. To pay for it but after several documents were revealed that he tried to get the assistance of the French under the guise as a diplomat representing Galloway. Which he had not been authorized to do. He went into exile for which he has not been seen. Some suggest he's dead or is under another alias.

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