Renaissance Kingdoms

Every day, charactors levels 1 - 5 can eat two hunger points worth of food(Sometimes three). Levels 6 and 7 are required to eat three points every day(sometimes four). Characters start at maximum condition. Each day without eating results in a downgrade of two conditions, only eating one HP results in a downgrade of one condition.

Food benefit chart[]

This chart outlines the benefits of each type of food. The number of hunger points each food satisfies is found in the HP column.

Food HP Intelligence Strength Charisma
Bread +2 - - -
Corn +1 - - -
Vegetables +1 - - +1
Meat +2 - +2 -
Fish +2 +2 - -
Milk +1 +1 - -
Fruit +1 - - +1

Special Situations[]


In an effort to save money on food, some characters opt to eat sparingly in a method called alternating. This method involves alternating between fulfilling one and two hunger points each day.

Turbo statting[]

If your character has enough money it is possible to improve your stats 50% faster than normal through a method called turbo statting. This method involves eating a 1 HP stat food for the first food of each day, which satisfies one of the two daily hunger points, and then eating a 2 HP stat food to satisfy the remaining daily 1 HP. In addition to (more than) satisfying both hunger points, it will result in the improvement of 3 stat points. Since levels 6 and 7 now have to eat 3 points of food, they can increase stats by 4 every day, if they feel the need to. Because of the expense of stat foods, this method of improvement can be very costly, but if time is of the essence, it is the fastest way to increase stats without spending tokens.