Hans Thomas Gustaf Harald Olofsson
—  Gefle resident  —
Hans Thomas Gustaf Harald Olofsson
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Pacta sunt servanda
Full title Father
Place of Residence (unknown), Gefle, Kungadömet Sverige
Affiliations none
In-game name Htgh0
Account created 12 September 2008
Forum name Htgh0

Hans Thomas Gustaf Harald Olofsson was born in Scotland from Swedish parents and lives in Gefle, he moved there the 24th March 1457. He was baptized and ordinated by cardinal Dunpeal the 7th July 1457 and now holds the office as Parish Priest of Gefle as well as vice-primate of Sweden. He served several terms on the council before deciding to focus on his duties as Parish Priest and vice-primate.

  • Level 4
  • Profession: Weaver
  • Fields: One cornfield and one sheep ranch
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