House of O'Hera
—  House of O'Hera  —
Coat of arms
Family motto: (unknown)
Patriarch (unknown)
Important members Kathryn Abynate & Alicia
Nationality English, Dutch
Land held Kingdom of England, Sussex & County of Holland
Affiliations none
Blood relations House of Halliwell, House of Lancaster,Rodriguez family, House of Hanley, House of Avis
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The House of O'Hera, is better known as Avis - O'Hera

History of the FamilyEdit

The Avis O'Hera family was created when †Elizabeth Avis, daughter of †King Edward and †Queen Sophia of Portugal, married †James O'Hera an Irish man.

Together they had three children: †Hou, †Edward, and †Hannah

Hou married †John Liscomb and they had four children: †Grimmie, †Tiarnach, †Mousie and Alicia.

Edward married Rosalie and had three children: †Atzo, Kathryn and †Cassidy.

Atzo married Mysterie Caitlyn de L'eau and had three children: Sajjhe, Abigail (Abynate) and Neasa.

Hannah became a nun

Surviving members that bare the Avis O'Hera name

  • Kathryn Kathryn Elizabeth Aviz
  • Abynate Abigail Verena Avis O'Hera de L'eau
  • Alicia Alicia Rodriguez (Avis O'Hera)

† Deceased members

  • Hou Liscomb Avis O'Hera
  • Edward Avis O'Hera (head)
  • Hannah Abigal Avis O'Hera
  • Grimmie Avis O'Hera
  • Tiarnach (PhantomStag) Avis O'Hera
  • Mousie Avis O'Hera
  • Cassidy Avis O'Hera
  • Atzo Avis O'Hera
  • Bowmoon Avis O'Hera
  • PC Jr Lauzon
  • Haley Avis O'Hera
  • Star Lauzon
  • Rosalie O'Hera (born Appleby)

Distant family members

Titles, Estates and HoldingsEdit

O'Hera Castle in Sevenoaks - deserted -

The Restoration House-Rochester-Kent-Sussex, Deed Held by Alicia Avis O'Hera

Baroness of Rochester, Title held by Alicia Avis O'Hera

Baronet of Canterbury, Title held by Alicia Avis O'Hera

LSD- Wet Princess, Battle Cog Gifted to Alicia Avis O'Hera by the late Steqman Rodriguez

Family treeEdit

These are all the family trees (outdated):

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