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House of LordsEdit

The House of Lords (often abbreviated HoL) is an English institution, operated from the RK forums.

In essence, it is a forum discussion area acting as a legislative review and advice body. Membership is limited to players who have been granted a Noble Title (Peerage) by the College of Heraldry. (Note that this is different from the Titles that can be purchased in-game for money)

It has few, if any, executive powers. It does, however, act as a Court of Justice. Any Titled player can - if accused of a crime - elect to be tried by the House of Lords, rather than the general County Courts. The titular head of the HoL - and nominal chair of all discussions - is the reigning Monarch of England.

In operation, it mirrors the House of Parliament (HoP), which has a similar function, but is composed of elected County Council officials.

Collectively, the two institutions form the Chambers of English Government, otherwise knows as Westminster.

Both Houses effectively advise the Monarch on aspects of National Legislation, with the HoL representing the Nobility and Tradition, and the HoP representing an electoral mandate from the people. Ultimately, the Monarch decides, and wields supreme executive power.


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