House Dayne
—  The House of Dayne  —
Coat of arms
Family motto: Noster est et inceptum
Patriarch Decado Dayne
Important members none
Nationality English
Land held None yet
Affiliations none
Blood relations none

About the HouseEdit

The House of Dayne is old, though rarely has it risen to any sort of prominence.

The current head of the house is Decado of the primary Dayne family.


Believed to have originated sometime around the year 10 with the Man Dayne.


Currently spread around and largely unaware of each other, Decado is seeking to gather them all together in Kendal.

Families within the HouseEdit

Dayne - The primary family of the house

Pyke - Formed when Alicia, younger sister of Decado's great-grandad, married Cotter Pyke.

Living player members of the houseEdit

Decado Dayne

Annabel Dayne

Olek Dayne

Vyse Dayne

Chelle Dayne

Morgandy Dayne

Living NPC members of the houseEdit

Gellan Pyke

Alice Dayne

Olek Tudor-Dayne

Kateryn Tudor-Dayne

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