—  The County of Holland of Holland   —
Coat of arms
Motto: (unknown)
Capital Amsterdam
Country Holy Roman Empire
Count Alyssa
Towns Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Heusden.
Province Province of Het Graafschap van Holland
Dioceses Diocese of Utrecht
Established (unknown)
Official language Dutch/Nederlands
The County of Holland (in Dutch, Graafshap Holland) is one of the Counties of the Holy Roman Empire.

History Edit

The County of Holland is known for is his many troubles in the past. Holland has been attacked multiple times. The most famous attack is The Artois-Flander invasion of Holland. They are also famous for the many civil wars. There is always a lot of (financial) damage over. But often they can quickly rebuild their old situation. Holland and at special Leiden is also the home of the criminal organization Shaded Brethren . This organization has long been an enemy of the English Crown. The leader of the 'SB' is Distan Delasta.

Polity Edit

Holland is a part of the Holy Roman Empire. But the distance with this empire is very large. This is because it is in a far corner of the empire and they speak a different language (Dutch) The public often feels disadvantaged in terms of finances and security. There was often little intervention in (civil)wars. The count is always a part of the Imperial Diet. This is the executive board of the empire. The county is strategically very important for the empire. It is located at the river mouth of the Rhine and five of the six cities are in the possession of a harbor.