The Irish College of Heraldry is known as the Hill of Tara. It provides support in the form of coats of arms, seals, battle flags and genealogy to all the peoples, guilds ,orders, towns and variations, in the island and other territories of Ireland. This is done regardless of political, economic, or religious goals.

Organization Edit

The Ranks within the College are:
Principal King of Arms
King of Arms
Honorary King of Arms
Heraldic Ambassador
Herald of Arms Ordinary and Extraordinary
Pursuant Ordinary and Extraordinary

Currently there are three Kings of Arms, Robert Frankel King of Arms of Ulster (Principal King of Arms), Lordwilb King of Arms of Leinster, and Scarletwitch36 King of Arms of Connaught. Princess Muin currently holds the title of Honorary King of Arms but she was one of the founders of the college and at one time held the title of King of Arms of Munster.

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