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Country Kingdom of England
County Mercia
Purpose Village in Mercia. (Node)

Hereford is a Village in Mercia, England. It was changed to a village in the Summer of 1458 due to a low population whilst still in Worcester

Location Edit

Hereford's roads travel north to Ludlow, Stafford, and east to the county capital of Worcester. Hereford was abbandoned In the Summer of 1458, and it's taverns, homes, and Goods were demolished, and taken, and Later rebuilt in another part of the Worcester County, this was done at the combined command of the Worcester County, and also from the orders of Long John Silver, commanding that some English towns must be closed due to the lack of inhabbitants currently in England.

Resources Edit

Hereford is a wood town. It has access to a gold mine to the east.

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