Harvesting is a job performed to collect the produce grown on farms.


The frequency of harvest varies depending on the type of farm.

  • Corn farms are ready for harvesting after 7 days.
  • Vegetable farms are ready for harvesting after 5 days.
  • Wheat farms are ready for harvesting after 10 days.

Hired-harvesting verses self-harvestingEdit

Farm jobs, such as harvesting, may either be done by the character or hired out to other characters through the Job Offers area of the Town Hall. The only advantages of self-harvesting are that you do not have to pay anyone to harvest and you guarantee that the job will be done. There are more advantages to hired-harvesting. By hiring, you gain a reputation point, you can improve the crop yield in certain cases by hiring someone who has higher stats than you, you are free to work another job which may pay more than the price necessary to hire someone and you are also free to travel (hiring can be done if the farm owner is away from town).

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