==The Early Years==

Hannah and her parents lived beside the woods and close to Salisbury, for her parents liked the peace and serenity that was found outside of town.

Her father loved travelling so Hannah barely got to see him. He planned on seeing all of England before his time came. Her mother though, wanted to settle in one place and so she stayed with Hannah at home while Hannah’s father travelled. Her mother tended to the fields and led a quiet life, meeting with a few of her closest friends everyday. She may not have been as known as Hannah’s father, but she was popular among those that knew her.

Years later, her mother decided that it was time for her to see her beloved England and decided to travel with Hannah’s father. By that time, Hannah was old enough to look after herself and their little house that her mother grew so fond of. And so they said their goodbyes to one another and her mother and father rode off into the distant sun, not knowing that they would not return.

Hannah and her mother kept in contact by writing letters to each other. Her mother talked about the festivals that were held, the people she had met and the roads she had travelled. But months past and not a single letter was sent to Hannah. Getting worried, she asked a couple of her mother’s friends if they knew the whereabouts of her parents, but they all shook their heads.

Just as Hannah was about to set out looking for them, a pigeon with a letter flew to her bedside. The message was from one of her mother’s friends saying that both her parents died of a terrible disease that was spreading across the county they were in.

Time to ExploreEdit

Hannah thought it was best to move to a town. She took a few important things with her and set off on her journey. She settled in Salisbury where she now tends to her vegetable and wheat fields and met a few folks in the taverns. Wanting to be useful, she recently learnt how to bake bread and is busy in her little bakery. When Hannah bakes, it's a bittersweet moment as her mother was a baker as well and a good one at that. It brings back memories of when Hannah was a little girl. She hope to one day be as good as her mother and is always trying to learn new recipes. Hannah has also found new family, but not forgetting her biological one, and is now adopted into the Morgans. She awaits the day when she can meet them all in person. She still misses her parents, but that’s okay because she is finally starting to move on.

Current and Previous OccupationsEdit

  • Cow Farmer
  • Vegetable Farmer
  • Baker
  • Former Head Mentor to Salisbury
  • Studying Science Way
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