Coming from Kingdom of Malacca,Nephew of Hang Jebat... The good person...Very diffrent personality from his Uncle Hang Jebat... Hang Jebon is very Humble,smile...low profile... not agresive... but steady and strong....Meet Admiral Sulaiman Zheng He at Malacca when Malacca & China have a relation.Assist Hang Tuah go to Turkiyye to buy the cannon.Very familiar with the star(Al-An'am 97) experience about the seaman. Ran away from Malacca cause of Sultan of Malacca(Sultan Mansor Syah) want kill all anybody have blood relative with Hang Jebat(1455)...,After the Sultan of Malacca make cleaning from the Hang Jebat family due to his Uncle "Hang Jebat " one from five of great Wariors(Hang Tuah,Hang Jebat,Hang Lekir,Hang Lekiu & Hang Kasturi)engage in mutiny.He ran away from Malacca through Java and as a stoway onboard VOC MV Von Lincshoten. The Master of MV Von Lincshoten(Capt.Harry Van Der Wijk) catch him and make him as cabin boy.Because of his good caracteristic,trusty and friendly Master make him as his adopted son.All the crews very jealousy and one night they catch Hangjebon and violent threw overboard. But the life still longer and Hangjebon can pick one bouy and swam it to ashore. Hangjebon safely arive at dark place maybe "Southampton" .After two days lost & tired he walking without map only use star for the guidance he walking and walking until arrive at a safe place and safe town call Salisbury. When he arrive at Salisbury he meet many good person like Drestakil,Subnormal,Bobofet,Sindaia and more-more good person who can teach him a good English. Thats why Hangjebon not very good in English because he is coming from Malacca(Melaka)

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