The Guild of Bards was created in early October 2008 (game year 1456) by Desideratist in response to the issues created by the forum changes in August of that year with regards to roleplay.

After the forum changes it was not possible to read one's old posts if they were made in a town other than the one you were in in-game, and as the forum changes had been implemented without most players being aware it was going to happen, many roleplayers had not been able to keep copies of their work.

A further bug in the forums meant that characters who had posted to the forums since the change, who had then been eradicated or been dead in game for so long their characters were deleted, had all their forum posts and entire threads that had been started by them disappear from the forum.

These forum issues meant that important game documents and agreements, and many historically and artistically valuable roleplay threads, were in danger of being lost. Therefore, the Guild of Bards was set up to save important threads, by copying them and moving them to a place of safety, where they could be read and enjoyed by a wider audience than the current setup of the RK forums permits.

The Guild of Bards is therefore a mainly OOC (Out of Character) group (although they intend to roleplay their existence in game when arriving in a town to look for histories, for example) who aim to quote, copy and therefore save significant threads from the Renaissance Kingdoms forums. Bards have begun to store histories onto the RK Guild of Bards Library wiki and an on-forum Usergroup is being set up to co-ordinate this effort.

As the Guild has only just been formed the membership is still very small, but if the membership becomes sufficiently large, the Guild plan to have a Bard covering an area like a town or county, much the same as the Censors. Then, for example, if a player lived in Birmingham and did a good RP in Southampton they wanted to save, they would ask their local Bard, who would contact the Southampton Bard to ask for it to be retrieved. Then it would get posted in the Guild Library for the requester to view, along with anyone else who wished to read the story. Also, roleplay writers could format and send a copy of their work to the local Bard for storage in the Library, or alternatively add it themselves if they have some experience of Wiki editing.

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