Since there is no real 'official' set of published rules to play Renaissance Kingdoms, most players rely on the advice and instructions cobbled together in the Renaissance Kingdoms Forums. As new features are added to the game, new guides and new versions of existing guides are written.

Levelling Up GuidesEdit

These are guides that specifically address the requirements to level up to Level 1 from Level 0.

This guide addresses the requirements to level up to any level.

Daily Job GuidesEdit

These guides explain how to perform certain jobs within the game.

Career GuidesEdit

These guides give advice on how certain careers at the various levels function.

Level 1 GuidesEdit

Level 2 GuidesEdit

Level 3 GuidesEdit

Miscellaneous GuidesEdit

These guides are for commonly available functions that fall outside work and level advancement.

Advanced Features GuidesEdit

These are guides to functions that are not available to all players. They explain positions or features in the game that characters may achieve beyond the standard game play.

Calculators, Spreadsheets and Other Helpful ToolsEdit

Some players have created tools to help project the results of certain specific player actions in the game.