—  Family of Greyjoy  —
Coat of arms
Family motto: Blood and ashes
Patriarch Nahren
Important members none
Nationality Scandinavian/English
Land held none
Affiliations none
Blood relations Von Liechtenstein


Family historyEdit

The origin of the unusual Scandinavian family name can be traced back to Egill Eymundrsson otherwise known as "The Greyjoy", it is said that after one of his slaves spoke the name within his hearing Egill killed the man and then decided to make Greyjoy his family name.

For the next 150 years the Greyjoys spent their time in isolation on their small island holdfast, only venturing out to raid and find wives for their sons or to find husbands for their daughters. This however changed with Egill Greyjoy, proving to be just as terrifying as his namesake he expanded their holdings throughout the Scandinavian lands and made the family powerful as well as feared. Unfortunately Euron, Egill's son, proved to be a bad gambler and someone who made enemies easily, selling much of the land his father had gained to pay off his debts soon the only holdings left to the family name were the ancestral island and a few parcels of land given to Egill's siblings. Not realising he had angered his one remaining uncle and a number of cousins with his actions Euron called a gathering at the ancestral home, on the night of the welcoming feast they attempted to seize the island with the help of some of Eurons enemies. Fortunately many on the island were still fiercely loyal to Euron and the ensuing battle took many of the attackers lives. During the battle Balon, Eurons eldest son, realised that they were losing and so he gathered his siblings, a number of valued possessions, a small cadre of servants and guards and stole away on a hidden ship.

When he reached England Balon quickly married his sisters into nearby families and found his brothers professions so as to take as much burden off his limited resources as possible.

Current family statusEdit

The children of Balon's siblings are now scattered throughout England.

Precious little is known of the branches of the family that betrayed Euron.

Family treeEdit

The family tree can be found here; The Greyjoy family tree Note - Tree not yet complete

Active membersEdit

Nahren Greyjoy-Von Liechtenstein

Vidar Njord Greyjoy-Von Liechtenstein

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