During a long carrier Gregarious held seats on Somerset and Cumberland councils, was leader of the Somerset Army, the KotR, created the Princes Own elite unit within the KotR and the Army of England. He was awarded two different peerages, one from Somerset, the next from Cumberland and was made a Knight of the Garter, the highest honour available in England at the time. He answered the call for the first two NNGO invasions of England.

Gregarious was born Gregarious Alexander Pious Smith, his Da wishing him the fame of Alexander, his Ma wishing he be a religious man.

Born in Bath he became a renowned piggie whisperer, noted bartender, Lord of Oranges. His preferred destination each night after tending to his piggies (eat my friends, grow my friends, make me proud) was the Rubber Duckie, the town pub of Bath, Somerset, England.

Here he would meet all the greatest loves of his life, the girl of the rolling eyes (Meda), Aiiane, grandest lady, best of friends and poorly treated unrequited love, she still holds the Fleur-De-lies missing from my breast, and Ellsbeth of the flashing Green Eyes that brought the lightning, the fiery Red hair, and fierier temper. Ultimately betrothed to Ellsbeth we spent the rest of our lives chasing each other never quite catching one another.

Gregarious learned his initial lessons in government from Lord Mayor Sajanzv and his wife. He was instrumental (along with commander Sparhawk) in creating the Somerset Army. When Sparhawk left Gregarious became commander. While in command the NNGO threatened England and Gregarious mobilized, finding his greatest allies Jersey Rocket and Desideratist.

During this same time Gregarious organized what was looking to be the last ride of the Knights of the Realms of England for the coronation of a Prince of England. Securing the Princes patronage the elite troop of the KotR, the Princes Own was formed. Coincidentally control and responsibility for the KotR was passed to this novice member from the elder DragonFlame.

Years passed , building the KotR into a premium (rp) Knighthood, moving to Cumberland and helping to set up it government, chasing Ellsbeth, building a home in Cumberland and defending it from Scottish invasion. It was during the rebuild of the KotR and the defense of Cumberland that a new troop of friends is discovered. Trislain (later to be the new Knight Commander of the KotR and best steeper of tea. Caitlan...warrior, companion, terrible baker of lemon tarts. My bother in arms and first bannerman Hagman.

In the first Scottish invasion of Cumberland Gregarious lost his homestead, his horse Jurisdiction and Elsbeth who disappeared into Scotland shortly after the war. Aiiane lost her home and more importantly her family nanny. Gregarious used the imported stone he used to build his chapel (burned down by himself in a fit of insanity when Ellsbeth disappeared) to build her grave.

Apologies to many many other friends that came and went in Renaissance Kingdoms. (would love to hear from anyone)

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