The Grant holder guide is a post in the Renaissance Kingdoms Forums. It lists the requirements for a grant and gives step-by-step instructions on working with a grant.


Requirements of a grant holder :

1) Must be very active in town (this is so that the grant can be returned when asked for, there should ideally be no time delay)

2) Must be honest and disciplined (A grant is a huge commitment of trust in the grant holder as a person by either the Town or the County. That trust must never be betrayed. Also the details of the contract should be followed)

Most people dont know how to deal with grants. So I hope this step by step instruction will help those who want to contribute to their towns and counties by becoming grant holders.

Step by step instruction:

Okay, when you are granted a grant, first of all, you need to see the grant. So for that, go to "My home". If you are granted a grant, you will see a new link appear


"Your duties and responsibilities"


When you click "Your duties and responsibilities", you will see a new page appear

Now if its a county grant, it will say "You are currently granted by the Town Hall of Wiltshire" or whichever county gave you the grant.

If its a town grant, it will say "You are currently granted by the Town Hall of Bath" or whichever town gave you the grant.

Now click the "See" to access the grant page itself.

Grants will contain a few important details : 1) From where the grant originated, ie, town or county. 2) The amount of money currently in the grant 3) The contract details of the grant 4) The current inventory of the grant


This is a Wiltshire county grant


This is a Bath town grant

Now coming to how to deal with a grant. Basically a grant is like a bank account, or a money account which you can access but separate from your own money and inventory. A grant works in the same way as your ordinary inventory when it comes to selling from the grant. All you got to do is click "Sell" on the goods as is the case for your own inventory.

When it comes to buying with the grant, there is an additional step. You will notice a "Switch" button towards the end of the grant page. This "Switch" button enables you to buy with the grant's money.

shows that you are currently buying with your own money.


Buying with ones own monies

shows you are currently buying with the grant's money.


Buying with grant monies

Finally, the "Cancel" button. This is to return the grant back to the town or county.

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