His Royal Highness Bearsley, Grand Duke of Bearbany was born in a large cavern in the highlands of Bearbany. At the age of seven he took the crown of Bearbany, after murdering the incumbent Grand Duke, his father, in a brothel. Grand Duke Bearsley was a cruel tyrant, for instance he once killed an innocent messenger because the messenger told him he did not have a message to deliver. Which, paradoxically, may actually constitute a message in itself. Said paradox enraged Grand Duke Bearsley, who broke his crown in a fit of rage. Such an act, in his subjects minds, meant he had in fact destroyed the Bearbany monarchy, and so he was outcast from their civilization as they were no longer bound to obey him. To this day he roams the forests of Bearbany, desperately searching for a goldsmith to fix his crown, and eating anyone who isn't a goldsmith.

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