Renaissance Kingdoms

Grace loves to sing. Be careful because sometimes she just bursts into song:  ♫♪♫ In the army. Come on, protect the motherland. In the army. Come on and join your fellow man. In the army. . . ♫♪♫ 

ABOUT GRACE THE CHARACTER: ((Grace Garland de Grey is now an NPC. Her player has chosen to continue life as a different character: Isabel.)) Grace was once a slave. She swore to herself that she would never again be held against her will and she would never allow this to happen to others either.

No longer a captive now, she is proactive! She is clever and can sometimes be impulsive. Of course she has learned to investigate a little more now before diving into a battle plan. Not all allies can be trusted. While Countess of Westmorland, the Montys lied to her about attacking Galloway. It truly broke her heart, but her Council did not support any war efforts to go and help their neighbor.

She looks for the good in all people. She doesn't understand criminals, but she still feels for them when they are hurt or upset. She believes in justice though, and she will defend people when they are innocent, or falsely accused. She forgives most people easily.

She was born in Westmorland and has held several offices in her community: Two-term Countess Repeat mayor of Egremont President of the White Sails Yacht Guild Army Logistic Officer - Knights of Phoenix General - Westmorland, Knights of Phoenix Friend, supporter and mentor to many

Grace on Holiday in Glasgow. She had traded her heart-shaped staff in for a sword and shield, just in case.

|~ |= . ..)_).....|~
)_) ...)__)...)_)
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)___) .)____).)___)
......................./ WSYG President


January 6th, 1459 : United_We_Stand (Landon) buys Grace her first pair of boots. :D February 14th, 1459: Landon sends a pink rose to Grace with this message: My Dearest Grace,

I send you this rose as a token of my appreciation for the time we have spent together these last 2 months. The time since our meeting in Penrith has passed quickly, and far more pleasantly than I could ever have hoped for.

Your presence and company have made my days bright. Your sparkling eyes are like the shining of the moonlight upon the most still of waters. Your long hair is like a beautiful cloak, gracing your shoulders. Your beauty makes the rose look like a common weed, and your lips are as the sweetest honey.

May you accept this rose as a small token of my love for you.

Always yours, Landon

June, 8th, 1459: You have leveled up. (Her first bread comes out of the oven.)

August 1st, 1459: Grace receives confirmation that Landon is indeed dead. He was killed in a fight with Irish pirates. He saved the ship but they could not save his life. For months she retreats into the church to mourn.  ( (____ See RP: ____) )

December 25th, 1459: When Grace reappears from the church she celebrates Christomas alone. She realizes she must seek to reclaim her life and live it to the fullest.

Spring/Summer 1460: Grace serves a few terms as mayor of Egremont.

August 1460: She serves two terms as Countess.

1460 (Her Bday): She receives a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the Handsome mayor of Egremont, Eldarad. She notes in her journal *Sometimes I think I am too busy and I am too stressed, but then Eldarad makes me laugh and I feel much better. He is such an amazing surprise in my life and I often think I do not deserve such happiness. *

November 1460: Grace's second term as Countess finally over and she retires for a time. She only steps foot in the council halls once or twice a month, but she continues to support the county and it's ongoing efforts.

December 1461: Grace and Eldarad call it quits. As soon as it started, it seems to have run its course. She picks herself up, and moves ahead. She still regards him as a good friend, and supports his efforts.

February 1461: Elmix returns from travels in Europe and meets up with Grace in the tavern. They hit it off immediately, already having been friends for some time. He decides to court her. A very handsome, and accomplished general courting her? She is very pleased. He brings her flowers, and calls her Princess. She is very impressed with his talent, enthusiasm and charming wit. She marches with him at every opportunity. To be at his side in battle is her goal.

July 11 1461: Grace becomes a miller. 

Aug 1461: Grace is elected to Council under Kei. She runs TM, Sheriff and Judge offices, etc.  After the term she goes on political vacation! YAY!

Oct. 29, 1461: Grace joins the KoP army and is named Knight of the KoP. Finally marching with Elmix by his side. He makes her logistics officer. She is very pleased.

Nov 11, 1461: You have hit Dippy1. You've caused a serious injury. A spy perhaps runs into her sword. Oops. Sorry there bud. Oops. He dead.

Nov 14, 1461: Grace is elected to Council again. This time she is Spokesperson.

Dec 2, 1461: Elmix gives Grace food, bandages and other gifts to sustain her. She writes him a love note in response. They wait for the NNGO . . . again.

Jan 5, 1462: They finally meet up with the NNGO armies near Carlisle:

05/01/1462 04:16 : Walking on the beach you find a very nicely carved piece of wood. You might use it as an oar. 05/01/1462 04:08 : Rareit hit you with their sword. This blow hasn't wounded you 05/01/1462 04:08 : You have been attacked by the army "NNGO VII - Oops Part 2" lead by Donnor, the army "NNGO IX - Baby Mama Drama" lead by Anto_capone, and the army "Furious Vengeance" lead by Cheatorious.

Jan 5,1462: Grace is fine, but Elmix is injured in the clash. He falls out and she commands the army.

06/01/1462 04:08 : You have been attacked by the army "NNGO IX - Baby Mama Drama" lead by Anto_capone, the army "NNGO VII - Oops Part 2" lead by Donnor, and the army "Furious Vengeance" lead by Cheatorious.

07/13/1461 04:11: You have hit Paoloemilio. You have caused a serious injury.

13/01/1461 04:11: You have hit Jade. You have caused a grievous injury. 

13/01/1461 04:11: You have hit Miss_deirde. This blow was most likely fatal.

15/01/1462 04:11 : You have hit Buadhach. You have caused a light injury. 

15/01/1462 04:11 : Iroh hit you with their sword. You have been lightly wounded

03/02/1462 04:11 : Overton hit you with their sword. This blow hasn't wounded you 

03/02/1462 04:11 : You started the fight with the army "KoW - Legio X Equestris" lead by Coloumb, the army "NNGO IX - Baby Mama Drama" lead by Snarkface, the army "Laighean's Celtic Warriors" lead by Sixpacks, the army "Furious Vengeance" lead by Barbatos, the army "Guardians of Laighean" lead by Annew1199, the army "Laighean's Guard" lead by Mikeythegoalie, the army "Celtic Legion of Laighean" lead by Flannacan, the army "Chonnacht Guard" lead by Kczuma, and the army "NNGO VII - Oops Part 2" lead by Donnor.

(More notes below)

  • She goes on to command the army for several more days before she falls out. She is slightly injured, but cannot command the army anymore. The army only stands for one more day once the logistics officer she left in charge is overloaded, and wounded.


THE LONGER BACKSTORY: Grace was born to the well off Garland family. Her father unknowingly stumbled into dealings with a criminal group. She kept her father's dealings to herself, but silence didn't protect her. 

On Grace's 12th birthday she and her friend were out climbing trees and heard a group of men. They stayed quiet, but the men found them and they were captured.

She met a man they called Count K. He was linked to her father's criminal group and told her that she knew too much. Grace spent years in captivity blaming herself for her friend's abduction. She saw her friend occasionally during their servitude. Grace served Count K and her friend served Count G. Grace was known to the Count as Christi and her friend was now called Amanda. Grace served as the Count's personal servant, taking care of his kitchen and food service. He trusted her immensely because she did not have the malice to hurt him.

One day Count K had her packed up on a ship. He said something about her being a woman now worth money. Once they had sailed for a day she found herself off the coast of England again. She just knew it.

She took the first opportunity to slip away. She went to the back of the boat and jumped over. Once she hit the water she stayed under for what seemed like forever. Eventually she felt safe and couldn't hold her breath anymore. She slowly swam away from the ship, behind it. After a while she was on dry land and the boat was a dot on the horizon.

She found herself quickly freezing in the winter air and she ran to the nearest chimney with smoke. Once inside a kind family's home she found out she was indeed in northern England. She was in Egremont! The family gave her a few bread and some rags and she was off, stopping every once in a while to eat or sleep. When she could not afford food she begged for it.

She moved east to find her old home in Penrith. The estate was all she could think about. Through the driving snow, and rain, she thought about her family and her home. The estate was so gorgeous in the winter. When it snowed the trees had a glow about them. It was so mesmerizing.

As she came through the gates, she saw the snow covered trees that she remembered, but the estate was bare and unkempt. She knew how to break in, but there was no one in the house and key items were missing. The family had packed up for a trip, but where did they go? Had they been robbed? Did those men do something to her father? Her brothers and sisters? 

They had not left her much in the house, but she found all her own things in her room. She opened her jewelry box, and put on the amulet her father had given to her. She once thought it was a burden to wear it for her father, but now she realized that it was the greatest treasure she could ever own. She found a few things of her mothers. They had left in a hurry though. In the kitchen, she picked up her mother's rolling pin. She held onto it, thinking about the many times her mother had used it to bake for the family.

After exhausting herself writing and sending letters, she decided to try and live there alone. There were many things in the estate, and she didn't think they would mind if she sold some items to survive. In time she saved enough money to buy seed, and the labor to help sow their fields. Once they were growing, her pride in ownership grew. She knew that if her parents returned they would be so proud of what she had done on her own. She purchased a beautiful horse. She named him Bliss. She started growing vegetables, and ate them often. She enjoyed her independence, but was often lonely.

After a time, she found more and more family members, but still not her parents. She did find both some adult siblings, and some cousins. It was a joyous occasion, but it was also very sad, because they had no idea what had happened at the estate. After growing in independence in Penrith she met a man named Uni. He was traveling to campaign for King of England. She was impressed by him, and he encouraged her to move to a small place in Egremont, while she hired someone to man her family's estate. She agreed.

After a time, she grew to know and love all the citizens of Eggy. She ran for mayor, and had successful terms as mayor. The man she had adored as Uni died, and she sunk into despair. She did not allow herself to grieve for too long. She tried instead to become more social, finding interest in a man named Landon (Uni's player). After a few months she received word that Landon had died in a shipwreck. This time she could not stand the loneliness and she retreated for a while with the nuns.

When she finally emerged, she rejoined society and politics, diving head-first into the depths of everything Westmorland. After two years of living for no one and with no one, she became good friends with a man named Eldarad. He was kind, forward, and honest. She loved all these qualities, and they became very close, eventually starting a romantic relationship. It didn't last long, as he felt he was not prepared for the romance. She was disappointed, but she trudged along.

After another year or so, Grace began to spend time with Elmix, Commander of the Phoenix Legion. He courted her for two, and a half years. They traveled to Galloway and Glasgow, enjoying everything they did together. During their relationship they also fought in the NNGO/Wml war. During this time of traveling, marching and war, Grace absorbed as much army knowledge as she could. She learned to fence and fight; anything that anyone will teach her. After 5 days of commanding, Elmix was injured and was sent to recover in Egremont. She still held all the forces on the border, and she had two more armies join her at the rally point.

She wrote a letter to the soldiers:

  • Greetings all soldiers at Carlisle!

Today we moved, and it is a change for the better I assure you. We have lined ourselves up with Kelster's army forces. Welcome to the fold, Egremont Marine Corp. We appreciate your joining up! So, we currently have three armies at the front and have increased our numbers. This means success against NNGO's forces.

The bad news is well . . . I am unsure of the next actions at this point. I've notified Elmix and Varana that the armies in Kendal have moved. All of those armies are in motion and we are not sure where.  However, you should not fear. I am confident we will figure out the best move for England's future.

Please keep in mind once again that we have other forces on the way to our location and to our capital, so even if we do stand in defense today and engage the NNGO forces OR if we choose to move forward or back, we have done the best we can to make that choice. These are big choices and we need you in order to make these things happen!

The last thing I want you to do is to doubt your importance in this journey. We are all equal partners and we are all taking our risks together. We have a large number of people standing on this node, and if we make a movement, it is my hopes that it will be as one combined force.

As far as food, money or other needs please mail myself, if you need absolutely anything. I have put 100 beer, and 8 bread in the tavern. There is one fish. I have brought a large load of corn also, and I have not used any of that yet.

Please follow, and stay tuned for more news. Have faith, and thank you so much for serving!!

Grace De Grey

Commander of Phoenix Legion

  • For nearly a week she held the border, steadfast and determined. However, then the Celtic Alliance's best weapon (the sneaky armies of Laighean) landed in Liverpool. They systematically made their way on the back roads to surround the three armies on the border. Once they attacked, her army was pushed back toward Penrith, and she was injured. The other armies were commanded by Kelster and Jasmine, who held the Royal army. The army logistics officer held the Phoenix Legion for 2 more days, until it was disbanded. Grace was sent to Egremont. She was very disappointed, but at least she could see her beloved Elmix again. Soon after her army was moved back, the border fell. After the border armies fell, the capital was attacked. The Celtic Alliance took Westmorland's castle, and everything in it. After such a hard fight, the effects were devastating.

After these events, Grace was made into an NPC. The player behind Grace is now playing as: Isabel Courtenay de Grey.