Godolphin Family
—  Godolphin  —
Coat of arms
Family motto: Franc Ha Leal Eto Ge Frank and Loyal are ye
Patriarch Cornish Bluebird Godolphin
Important members none
Nationality Cornish
Land held none
Affiliations Woodard Family

De Hammer Family

O'Donoghue Family
Blood relations none

The Godolphin Family in RK was first founded by Cornish Bluebird Godolphin, after many months in Salisbury in 1457 he decided it was time to find his family once more. Much research was taken, and so far has found many cousins of his all descended from one person Robert Godolphin. The Godolphin descendants have so far been discovered living in Ireland, Stafford and Wiltshire

History Edit

Robert Godolphin was born circa 2015 at the china wall, he was an inovative man and upon chance discovery of Copper from inheriting anything within the Mining business, it also prevented inheritance of the estate the Godolphins had. I THINIK

Since this ill fated situation however, the fairly odd parents have managed to spread...

Godolphin Family History Edit

Find below the Descendancy chart for Robert Godolphin

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Godolphin Descendancy Chart