Goddess is an active Citizen of Kirkcudbright, Galloway, and Resident of The Kingdom of Scotland under the Rule of His Royal Majesty, King James II. In her early days, upon joining the Game of Renaissance Kingdoms she chose the Religious Paths or Ways and soon was baptized by Bishop Bennett and became the Deaconess of both beautiful towns of Wigtown and Kirkcudbright. She loves her duties and responsiblities and nothing is too challenging for her, she participates in what she can and gets into politics non-stop. Goddess is currently the Chief Town Mentor of the Town of Kirkcudbright, she was appointed by Dirty which was her 1st term and as of a few days ago, she began her path to the 2nd term under the Mayorship of Lord Klovn, Mayor of Kirkcudbright. She has recently established the Kirkcudbright Masquerade Ball with Physax, Jospehene, and others and hosts it in the Worthington Castle.

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