Glasgow National (GN) was a newspaper edited and run by heeteepee which was open to the entire populace of Scotland. The paper started in  late 1458 but was abandoned, and then ressurected in July 1459. The newly ressurected eidtion of the paper lasted for 23 weekly issues and was then also shut down by the editor. 

The first version of the newspaper. Edit

The first version of the newspaper started as an interview thread in which heeteepee would interview various notable figures in Glasgow. It then evolved into a newspaper, but was shut down due to the editor leaving. 

The second version.Edit

The second version was much more complex and comprehensive and included more detailed stories. It did special editions as well which included the topics of travel and most notably the Fretalian Invasion and Monte Occupation. It was abandoned due to the editor's personal preference. 


The paper encountered it's fair share of criticism. Heeteepee had very little help with the newspaper and hence largely wrote all the articles itself. This meant that the articles were largely based on Glasgow or promoting Glasgow ideals. This led to criticism from Galloway. However, Heeteepee often pointed out that this would be easily fixed by a volunteer from Galloway to write for Galloway.

Current situation.Edit

Heeteepee is currently doing another interview thread for Scotland. However he has expressed his dislike at the thought of ressurecting Glasgow National again. 

Glasgow National Newspaper
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Heeteepee, Silk, Terrence and Thomas MacAsper
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