—  County of Glasgow   —
Th seals-bc-glasgow-rd
Th glasgow-County
Coat of arms
Motto: Let Glasgow Flourish
Capital Glasgow-Lanark
Country Kingdom of Scotland
Duke Gardrick_Cantor
Towns Ardencaple, Glasgow, Stirling
Province Province of Glasgow
Dioceses Diocese of Glasgow
Established 27 March 1456
Official language English
Glasgow Map

A map of Glasgow

Glasgow County InformationEdit

  • On 27 May, 1458 Countess Angeljoy25 declared the border to Glasgow closed and any would-be traveller to Glasgow must now request permission for entry at the Glasgow Embassy
  • As of January 1462 Glasgow and Galloway were two separate Counties and not under the control of a unified Scottish government.

Towns in Glasgow CountyEdit

Government of Glasgow CountyEdit

  • The current Council consists of members from the SCOTS Council list.
  • Gardrick_Cantor became Duke on 18 January, 1462, replacing Monte who resigned on the 16th.

Glasgow County CouncilEdit

Members of the Glasgow County Council as of January 21st, 1462. 


  • Duke - Gardrick_Cantor (SCOTS) (Replacing Monte on January 18th, 1462)
  • Spokesperson - Heeteepee (SCOTS)
  • Rector - Boomshine

Economic Branch

Judicial Branch

Military Branch


  • Vidar323 (SCOTS)
  • (Vacant - SCOTS, formerly Monte who served as Duke until January 16th, 1462)