Gallahan Evermore
—  An Caiseal Missing  —
Gallahan Evermore
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Virtute et valare ego volo aeternus
Full title Gallahan Evermore, Herald at Arms,
Place of Residence (unknown), An Caiseal, {{{county}}}
Affiliations Order of the Fianna, Knights of the Realms of England, English College of Heraldry
In-game name Gallahan
Account created 02 Nov 2006
Forum name ---fromENGallahan

Family Edit

A prominent member of the House of Evermore. Although the family Gallahan belonged to is vastly unknown, a young man by the name of Lance claims to be Gallahan's lost son.

Ale CrusadeEdit

At the climax of his life, Gallahan was known a King of Arms, and Duke. However, due to political reasons, and gossip that he had an "Illegitimate claim to peerage" as Duke of Cumberland, Gallahan became depressed, and disappeared from England. Later he would resubmerge claiming that he had left England on a ship he had commandeered on accident in a drunken rage, only to return several years later to find that he had been pronounced dead, and stripped of his tittles, left to start a new.

Final Disappearance Edit

Shortly after the establishment of the Order of Fianna, Gallahan set out on a quest alone, and since, there has been no word of him. The whereabouts of his destination are still unknown.


Baronet of Dover

Former Norroy King of Arms

Former Herald at Arms

Former Duke of Cumberland

Former Earl of Derby

Former Baron of Redditch

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