Renaissance Kingdoms
Bishop Galdun Mac Haggis
—  An Gort Bishop of the AAC  —
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Bishop Galdun Mac Haggis
Coat of arms
Personal motto: The ability to speak does not make one intelligent.
Full title Bishop Galdun Mac Haggis of Caerbanog
Place of Residence (unknown), An Gort, Cúige Chonnacht
Affiliations Ancient AristoCeltic Church
In-game name Galdun
Account created 27 December, 1453
Forum name Galdun

Galdun, Lord of Caerbannog, is a resident of An Gort in County Cúige Chonnacht , Ireland. Galdun held the office of mayor in Lios Mór for its first two terms. Galdun returned as mayor after a rebellion on the eve of the sixth mayor elections and returned for a 7th term after his 6th was cut short due to a military coup by BigJack. Some time later after another period of unrest Galdun took Lios Mor once again by revolt just before moving to Loch Garman.

After moving to Loch Garman Galdun joined a Gypsy army as a Chapain, traveling around Laighean and An Mumhain before finally returning home to Loch Garman to lead a revolt against the corrupt mayor, a member of the group ONE. Only a few days into his term as mayor in Loch Garman Galdun packed up his shop once again to move to An Gort.

After many years of living in seclusion in An Gort Galdun became the Parish Priest, rebuilding the church after residents razed it. After nearly a year as the Priest of An Gort Parish Ireland reformed their churches breaking the URAC stranglehold on English speaking churches. Now bishop of the Diocese of Lismore he has been traveling the southern counties of Ireland studying in their universities.

Cities of Residence[]


  • Master's in Latin: 92%
  • Master's in ancient Greek: 100%
  • Master's in modern languages: 92%
  • Master's in Arabic: 0%
  • Basics of biology : 8 %
  • Basics of History : 4 %
  • The Roman Church: organisation and history : 100 %
  • Aristotle's Moral Principles : 100 %
  • Aristotle's Moral Principles : 100 %
  • Virtue : 50 %
  • Pleasure and Delight : 100 %
  • Temperance : 50 %
  • Justice : 20 %
  • Friendship : 61 %
  • A seventh thing. Maybe the seventh sky. Or better: the seventh son of the seventh son : 100 %
  • Basics of Medicine 0 %
  • Logic : 100 %
  • The sense of being : 100 %
  • The beginning of the world : 100 %
  • Stonemasonry : 0 %
  • Basic Seafaring : 6 %
  • Astronomy : 4 %