Princess Gabrielle Hamilton deGrey
Regent of England
Lady Gabrielle Hamilton deGrey
Gabrielle Regent
Coat of arms
Personal motto: My function in life is to render clear what is already blindingly conspicuous.
Full title Princess of England, Earl of Nottingham, Lady of Cadzow
Place of Residence Lichfield, Stafford, England
Affiliations none
In-game name Gabrielle_
Account created 14 June 2007

Diminutive, blonde haired, grey eyed young woman of 20. Born at Castle Cadzow in Lanarkshire, Scotland. Her mother, Elizabeth Hamilton, her father an Englishman, Henry Beaufort.. who was Lord of Workington Hall.

She went to Staffordshire and soon met Pieterjan de Grey and became his wife. She had interest in law and served as a Justice and as Chief Justice of the CoA. She served as mayor and as Public Prosecutor, Countess and Judge in that order. She has also served as Crown Ambassador to Scotland and the HRE.

She was elected Regent and term ends January 10th, 1458.

Currently the Curator of the Royal Museum, which she created during her term as Regent.

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