—  Girvan Scotland  —
Coat of arms
Personal motto: (unknown)
Full title Dame Queeny Fret.miss
Place of Residence (unknown), Girvan, Galloway
Affiliations Girvan, Galloway, The Royal Court of the Buns
In-game name Fret.miss
Account created 11 November, 2008
Forum name Fret.miss

Fret.miss is currently;

  • The Chief Mentor of Girvan.
  • Trade Minister of Galloway County.
  • Moderator of the Scottish Mentor's Forum.

Fret.miss was been;

  • Mayor Of Girvan for 16.5 terms.
  • Ayr County Duchess, Spokesperson, Judge, Mines Supervisor, Trade Minister and Sheriff.

She has recently been named as the first Dame of Scotland and her Squire is Knowideawho and was given these gifts by the EloisQueen of Scotland .

Dame SwordEdit


Dame PinEdit


Dame CertificateEdit


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