Renaissance Kingdoms
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Country Kingdom of England
County Devon
Purpose Village in Devon (Node)


Fowey is in the south-west of Cornwall, south-west of Launceston, and west of Plymouth.



Freux revolution on June 19, 1454. The town was economically crippled at that time as all was taken from the treasury. But worse than that, the citizenry of Fowey began to turn on each other. We are a town of many French immigrants and many were unfairly blamed for the Revolt. This became a major issue in the election between Arogandor and Gollum. In the end Arogandor won out, but it would still be some time before the hostilities settled down.

On July 21, 1454 we first heard from a recluse in Winchester named Syounger . He had been working away quietly in that town. He studied hard and became wise in the way of the church, and was ready for Priesthood. Until this day, Fowey had been godless. Paganism had taken a hold with naked dancing on the hill and animal sacrifices. Some of us are still having trouble letting go of the old ways. Father Syounger has since set up a very active church and has appointed Mimaha as his Deacon.

Late July brought us a very close mayoral election. The first round with KnightFlame Xenive and Leonard Washington ended with no clear majority and a run off was declared between Xenive and Leonard Washington. At the conclusion of the run off Leonard just squeezed in with a 52.6 – 47.4 victory. The election was very hard and very cleanly fought on all sides. My complements go to all of the candidates.

August 13, 1454 The recently widowed Lady Aliosha arrived on a boat from France, and met Mok , changing both their lives forever. The late August election was a bore. Delandir, came to challenge Leonard Washington, but his campaign never got the traction it needed. Leonard won the election handily.

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