The Forums are two message boards linked to RK. In the primary forum, advice is often available, questions can be asked, and guides are available. In the secondary forum, there are many private guilds that one can join. Since August 2008, the forums have been linked to the game, so that one can only access them through the game (by going to the "Forums" menu option).


Babel Tower IIEdit

Forum for international communication
Moderator Censors - International - BABEL TOWER

Best of Role PlayEdit

Les Royaumes sur votre téléphone - The Renaissance Kingdoms on your cell phoneEdit

Venez discuter et participer à la future interface des RR sur votre téléphone We need your participation and advice for the future RK interface for cellular phone
Moderator {Toelath}

Les Institutions du Royaume de France (RP)Edit

Royaume de France – Domaine RoyalEdit

Graafschap HollandEdit

ÄïõêÜôï ôçò ÅëëÜäïòEdit

ÄéåèíÞò ËéìÝíáò ÅëëÜäáò -International Port of GreeceEdit

Moderator [GR] Fantasy

Królestwo PolskieEdit

Królestwo Polskie - MazowszeEdit

Renaissance Kingdoms - GeneralEdit

A Hitchhikers Guide to the KingdomEdit

Guides and Tips! Read here first!
Moderator {Ocelot}


Official announcements - READ FIRST before posting
Subforums: Announcements ARCHIVES, Announcements: OFFICIAL EDICTS/INSTRUCTIONS OF THE KING, Announcements: Ver3/New Forum Format Information

Bugs reportEdit

Think you have a BUG? Perhaps a Browser Issue? A grammatical or spelling mistake in game? Post here for Mod guidance. The official BUG reporting tool is located at: RK BUG TOOL
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I don't understand : FAQEdit

You don't understand a rule ? You would like to better know how the RK Works? You need help ? Have a question about game play? Here more experienced players will help you...
Moderators Censor Council of General/KoESI, Censor -Censor Consortium, Censor Council of England

The Off Topic Tavern and LoungeEdit

Off-topic Non RK related OOC area where you can discuss about anything and everything else...
Moderators Censor Council of General/KoESI, Censor Council of England

County Of CumberlandEdit

County Of MunsterEdit

Kingdom of EnglandEdit

Kingdoms of the British IslesEdit

Scotland's Royal MileEdit

The Kingdom's Scrap HeapEdit

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