Whilst the word can have a wide range of meanings, in the context of Renaissance Kingdoms it normally refers to the "official" discussion forums provided and operated by the game owners, Celcius Online.

There are actually two forums. Forum #1 focusses on issues and events directly relating to the workings of each Town and Council, along with the primary insitutions of those Towns. Access is generaly open, but often geographically controlled. For example, you can typicaly only access a given towns forum if you are actually IN that town. (either as a resident, or a traveller).

Forum #2 leans more towards specific interest groups, with access being more restricted. Hence whillst both forums have discussion areas relating to "Devon Council", the forum #1 version is open to all to read and write, whereas the forum #2 version is 'read only' to all but currently serving Devon Councilors, and also features sub-forums for private council debate that are completely inacessible to all but Councilors.

The forums are large and multilingual, as each caters to all of the individual Countries in the game. Discussion ranges from "Role Playing" humour, requests for help or advice, all the way up to tax strategy and battle-planning (normally in one of the restricted forums).

Players can be allocated 'moderator' roles, including controlling who has access to different areas.

The forums can be accessed from buttons within the main game left-hand navigation pane.

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