The Flying Calamari was the first merchant Cog built in the dockyards of An Gort. It was launced in August 1458 as a Chonnacht Navy ship and it was assigned to Romanos, who headed the Chonnacht Navy at that time. The Flying Calamari conducted iron trade for Chonnacht and assisted in the evacuation of NNGO from England to Chonnacht. In February 1459 following an attempt by Bella (Bcgirl) and some of her underlings to dissolve the Chonnacht Navy, Romanos took off in the Flying Calamari along with available Chonnacht Navy funds that were earmarked for the purchase of a War Carrack from the Mediterranean. After 2 months of difficult sailing, the Flying Calamari arrived at the port of St. George, where Romanos died under mysterious circumstances. The Flying Calamari passed to Romanos son Airy and later sold to Morphea, without ever leaving the Mediterranean again. In June 1460 the Flying Calamari was finally sunk by the Navy of Sienna off Marseilles. At the time the captain and owner of the Flying Calamari was Morphea.

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