—  Egremont England  —
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Awake, arise, or be for ever fall'n
Full title Baron of Harrogate, Baronet of Egremont
Place of Residence 1 Baker Street, Egremont, Westmorland
Affiliations Westmorland Territorial Forces, Royal Embassy of England, House of Winslow
In-game name Florianos
Account created October 28th, 2018
Forum name Florianos

Florianos Blackwell, Baron of Harrogate and  Baronet of Egremont, is a member of the Winslow Family and connected to the Sharpe Family, through his marriage to Adelaide Grace Sharpe

Current Positions:

  • Count of Westmorland

Taverns: Bartender of the "The Welsh rose meadhall" tavern in the village of Egremont

Yeoman of the WmTF Special Ambassadorial Liaison to the German Kingdom Special Ambassadorial Liaison to the Duchy of Steiermark

Former Trade Minister of Westmorland Former Judge of Westmorland Former Lieutenant Commander of the WmTF

Veteran of the Battle of Penrith


Florianos Blackwell

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