Renaissance Kingdoms
—  Whithorn resident  —
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Be Traist
Full title Prince Flaithbheartach de Innes-Kerr
Place of Residence (unknown), Whithorn, Galloway
Affiliations Clan Kerr; Order of Dwywai the Ecstatic; Royal Court of Scotland;
In-game name Flaithbheartach
Account created 18 December, 2009
Forum name Flaithbheartach

His Highness Flaithbheartach de Innes-Kerr, by the Grace of Jah, Prince of Scots, and Chief of Clan Kerr, Rector-General of the Order of Dwywai the Ecstatic and Priest of Whithorn, was born in 1398, near Elgin in the Scottish Highlands. Flaithbheartach, or Flaith, has since moved to Whithorn, Galloway, and in doing so has become one of a number of prominent Gallowegians. He is an Aristotelian leader and a true family man, his Clan, Clan Kerr, being one of Galloway's largest and most active factions. Flaith is, in addition to these duel and complimentary roles, an experienced adviser to the Lord Lyon King of Arms and an authour.


  • Prince of Scots
  • Chief of the Clan Kerr
  • Elder Priest of the Parish of Whithorn
  • Rector-General of the Order of Dwywai the Ecstatic