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Lady Felicia Märta Jönsson Oxenstierna of Holywell commonly known as Felicia Johnson(born on 5 July 1444)is the only daughter of Nils Jönsson Oxenstierna and Lady Karin of Gumsehuvud-Sture. She was born at Nykoping in Swedan. Upon, the assassination of her parents, she fled to Holywell in England, Where she was adopted by her uncle General Varana Jönsson Oxenstierna,Viscount of Clitheroe and Her wife Baroness Giovanna Ricco Adams Jönsson Oxenstierna.

Early lifeEdit

She is born at Nyköping Castle and and was named after her grandmother Lady Märta Finvidsdotter.She is the only child of Nils Jönsson Oxenstierna born in wedlock to survive infancy. Her mother was Nil's third wife Lady Karin of Gumsehuvud- Sture.

When Felicia was six years and eight months old, her father was assassinated. Two years later, her mother died from a mysterious sickness, probably poison. She fled to Holywell with a servant name Harold Magnusson, where she was adopted by her uncle, General Varana of Westmorland, and his wife, Lady Giovanna.

Personal lifeEdit

She is engaged with Nickolson Phoenix Sforza since May 1461, She is baptized by Father Henry on 29 April 1461 in Church of Holywell. She acquired her baronetcy during regentcy of Princess Patan
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Johnson's Pub and PizzeriaEdit

Johnson's Pub and Pizzeria is a tavern building located in Holywell. It was founded by Felicia Johnson, her brother Lee, and her fiancé Nickolson.

on 17 June 1461, Felicia closed Johnson's Pub and Pizzeria on request of Town mayor Tyg3r

Office and dutiesEdit

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