Federic MacMillian Bruce
—  Whithorn Scotland  —
Federic MacMillian Bruce
Coat of arms
Personal motto: The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the lord.
Full title Lord Federic MacMillan of MacMillan
Place of Residence Castle Sween, Whithorn, Galloway
Affiliations Clan Bruce
In-game name Federic1
Account created 09 April 2013
Forum name Federic1

Federic MacMillan Bruce ( 1442 - Present) is the Chief of MacMillan, a sept of Clan Bruce . He is only son of Robert Douglas and Amelia MacMillan Bruce. Both of his parents died when he was just fourteen. 

Political CareerEdit

Federic invested himself in local politics of Galloway, he has been elected Mayor of Grivan and has been part of the Grivan Town Council.

Military Career Edit

Federic is a Lance Corporal of the Galloway Army.

Religious Beliefs Edit

Federic is not part of any religious organisation. But he studied an ancient bible that he founded in a tavern. He believes that Jah is the only god but He avoid dealing with church  although He is friendly with the church and priests. For him, the link between Jah and man, is personal, 

The Siege of Castle Caerlaverock Edit

Federic had just moved to Hermitage Castle when Oliver the Pupil to Archibald came baring news about the siege. Federic had moved his army to a forest to help his cousin until he ran into who he thought was his uncle. They eventually run into Archibald, inside the castle. Federic after finding out that Archibald was Ian The Bruce, not a Douglas and he delivered the evidence to Ian which ended the conflict.

Castle Fyvie Edit

After restablisment of Clan Bruce, Federic is set upon restoring Clan MacMillan even more after he has found a letter that was addressed to his grandfather Kevin in Flyvie. During his time there so far he has meet people from Clan Rose, Clan Fleming, he also meets one of his cousins, and finally he meets a young lady named Barbie. He get's a pet cat which he still has yet to name.

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