General Remarks: Edit

  • One of the most popular crops
  • Very easy to grow and maintain
  • Each vegetable gives +1 Charisma (making them more valuable on the market)
  • It is not ideal to grow vegetables in a town that has a flourishing fruit orchard, since they reap the same benefits
  • Gives +1 Hunger

The Stages of Vegetable Growth: Edit

  1. Unlike other crops, vegetables sow themselves. A vegetable field will grow by itself for the first 5 days.
  2. On the 6th day it is necessary to harvest.

The Yields of a Vegetable Field Edit

Quantity Edit

A player's first field will yield four vegetables per harvest; a player's second field will yield three vegetables per harvest.

Quality Edit

Unlike other crops, the quality of a vegetable crop does not change based on the characteristics of the worker. All vegetable crops are the same quality.

Pricing and Hiring Edit

Pricing Edit

Production of vegetables is free, but the price of the vegetables on the market must result in a scenario where consumers and producers are both profitable. Most vegetables are priced between 7 and 10 pounds.

Hiring Edit

Since the skill levels of the worker do not affect the quality of the crop, it is recommended that a producer either works the field him or herself or hires a worker without skill level requirements. Most vegetable employment rates land around 17-20 pounds. An employer also earns a reputation point when hiring a worker.

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